The Great Spavaldos


Written by Silvia Mercuriali and Simon Wilkinson
Commissioned and funded by Roundhouse
Bookin: Natalie Richardson –

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From New York to Bombay, from Paris to Abyssinia, the Spavaldo brothers performed their flying trapeze daredevil stunts without a safety net for over a quarter of century before their mysterious disappearance. Now they are back to tell their story and dare audience members to join them inside the big top, high up on the flying platform.
WARNING this show is not suitable for people with heart conditions or fear of hights.

The Great Spavaldos is a 20 minute immersive theatre piece for 2 people at a time. Fitted with video goggles and headphones and following instruction to a tightly choreographed series of movements the participants are cast to become the central charachters in a multi-sensory cinematic experience in the role of a circus performer.

This tantalisingly dreamy, intense little show is both good fun and Thoroughly disorienting. For a short spell it takes you both out of your body yet more deeply into it at the same time” *** The Times

Dizzying and hilarious… a brilliant immersive performance” Independent ****