And the Birds Fell from the Sky


Written by Silvia Mercuriali and Simon Wilkinson
Commissioned by Brighton and Hove White Night
Funded by ACE
Booking: Natalie Richardson –

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An immersive video goggle performance for two people, combining cinema and instruction based theatre to cast the audience as main character in a wild journey to the world of the Faruk Clown. The participants follow instructions that match the camera movements to become part of the action itself, allowing them to experience the piece both as audience member and performer. With their eyes and ears completely hijacked, and liberated from any responsibility for the outcome of their actions in the film, participants find themselves fully surrounded by a wild and anarchic fictional world on a dreamy and dangerous joyride inside their own head. As the narrative unravels, this new reality becomes even more immersive through live interactions that engaging their sense of smell, touch and movement through space.

“Probably one of the most intense 15 minutes you can have at the Fringe”
The Scotsman ****

“An otherworldly oddity…this unusual and profoundly personal roller-coaster is highly recommended” **** The Age