il pixel rosso


Il pixel rosso combines the theatrical strategy of Autoteatro with film creating immersive performances that push the boundaries between reality and virtual worlds.

Their works plunge audiences into profound and extreme dreamlike worlds where, devoid from any responsibility for the outcome of the piece, they become the actors in their own private performance.

Using techniques similar to the rubber hand illusion and multi sensory stimulation, il pixel rosso distorts the audience’s senses generating an environment that is felt in the real world and seen only on film.

a potent collaboration between a theatre and a film director, My response to the autoteatro style instructions was as immediate and unquestioning as that of a sleep walker
The Guardian

This is something very special and unforgettable which will resonate for every audience.
It combines technology with a potent narrative to conjure up a unique, compelling and emotionally charged experience. An outstanding piece of theatre

Fringe Review *****

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