Written by Gemma Brockis and Silvia Mercuriali
Sound design in collaboration with Oliver Bown and Ben Ringham
Funded by ACE
Supported by Battersea Arts Centre
Booking: Natalie Richardson –

[soliloquy id=”35789″]

A performance installation set in a car driving through the city.

The show charted the road-movie lifestyle of Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy, with three audience members in the back of the car, perhaps stowaways, perhaps willing accomplices.

In each new city the audience was encouraged to look out onto it as though it were the scenography of an epic movie. We used the grandeur of the architecture and landscape of the city to frame our characters’ emotional journey, playing with real and fake radio and pre recorded soundscapes tailored made to the city in which the show was being performed, the real and imaginary merged together in a show that was changing constantly.

From Japan to Tel Aviv, from industrial wastelands to lush greenery, the new landscape defined the tone of the piece.

‘The real star of Pinocchio, however, is Dublin itself, made strangely new and wondrous as its skewed landscapes filter through the smudged windows.’ **** Dublin Times