I Hear U C Me


Written and directed by Silvia Mercuriali
Soundscape and original concept by Tommaso Perego
Video work Simon Wilkinson
Supported by the Arts Council of England

It’s a cyclical piece of about 15 minutes. One audience member wearing a white lightweight overall enters the room and finds a person dressed like them sitting on a chair in a shower of light coming from a wide lens projector rigged above their head.

The room is filled with smoke and the world they enter exists only in the projected cone of light which becomes three dimensional as the smoke thickens.

Inspired by Haruki Murakami’s Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, our participants find themselves inside a surreal world conjured up by projections and ambisonic 3D sound faced with their own shadow.

Using parametric speakers, which are audible only when you are standing right underneath them, the two characters are instructed to interact verbally and physically with each other, surrounded by lush sound informing the patterns of the video through its movement in the space.