Due with rotozaza [Milan]

Next with rotozaza [Paris]
MISS [1] TAKE with rotozaza (a film for the electronic music band ICARUS) [London]

Grace with rotozaza [London]
World Service with rotozaza [London]
BURST! with rotozaza[London and Milan]
Harpoon with rotozaza [Paris]
Il migliore dei mondi possibili with Aldes company [2001-2003 Italy, Berlin (Germany) and New York (USA)]

Zeroville with rotozaza [London],
For Music with rotozaza[London]
Does my bum loook big in this? with Tina Carter’s company [Maidstone and Canterbury (UK)

Tocar Group Research with rotozaza [London],
Doublethink with rotozaza [2003-2007 London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol (UK); Berlin (Germany); Evora (Portugal); Dieppe (France); Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Clonmell (Ireland); Budapest (Hungary); Trontheim (Norway), New York (USA)]
Punta 2 with rotozaza [Monsarat (Portugal)]
OOFF with rotozaza [2003-2005 London, Eastleigh and Bristol (UK); Bologna and Milan (Italy); Aarhus (Denmark); Lisbon (Portugal)]

Five in the morning with rotozaza [London, Glasgow (UK), Dublin, Limerick (Ireland), New York and Austin Texas(USA)]
Tropicana with Shunt [2004-2005 1 year run at the London National Theatre (UK)]

Pinocchio with Berlin, Nevada [2006-2009 Tortoli' and Elini (Italy), London (UK), Dublin (Ireland),
Tel Aviv (Israel) and Kochi (Japan)]
Puppet intervention [Helsinky (Finland)]
Red Ladies with Clod Enselmble [2006-2009 London, Oxford, Warrwick (UK) and Porto (Portugal)]

Underglass with Clod Ensemble [2007-2009 London, Glasgow, Bristol, Brighton, Dartington and Edinburgh (UK)]
etiquette with rotozaza [2007-current London (Barbican Centre, Tate Modern and Shunt Lounge), Hastings, Jersey, Brighton, Bristol, Winchester, Bath, Edinburgh,Glasgow, Dartmouth, Darby, Taunton, Great Dunmow, Chatam, Southampton and Oxford (UK); Holland; Berlin, Oldenburgh and Frankfurt (Germany), New York, Philadelphia, Minneapolis (Guthrie Theatre), Colorado Springs Massachustets, Edmonton, San Francisco and New Hapshire (USA); Agra (Ghana); Lagos (Nigeria); Mexico City (Mexico); Alicante, Galicia, Gijon, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid (Spain); Egise, Dublin (Ireland), Tolouse, Paris, Dieppe, Quimpers, Nancy, Blois, Thionville-Lorraine, Saint Brieuc and Le Colonnes (France); Ljubliana, Maribor (Slovenia), Basle (Switzerland), Terni, Milan, Andria, Santarcangelo, Verona, Ravenna (Italy), Tokyo, Kochi (Japan); Budapest (Hungary); Brussels, Ghent and Kortrijk (Belgium); Bytom (Poland); Singapore; Zagreb (Croatia); Montreal, Whitehorse, Vancouver and Quebec city (CA); Brisbane, Melbourne, Sidney and Perth (Australia); Wellington (NZ); Prague and Pilsen (Czech Republic)]

Wondermart [2009-current London, Winchester, Lincoln, Cardiff, Galeri Caernafron, Bristol, Brighton and Taunton (UK); Dublin (Ireland), Kuopio (Finland); Colorado (USA), Quebeck, Toronto (CA), Melbourne and Brisbane (Austarlia), Erlangen and Hamburg (Germany); Centre Pompidou Metz and Thionville (France)]
Dean Gibbons and the Knowledge of Death with Inconvenient Spoof [2009-2010 Brighton, London, Halifax, Crawley, Colchester, Louth, Glasgow and Edinburgh (UK)]

And the Birds Fell from the Sky with il pixel rosso [2010-current London (BAC, InTransit Festival and Merge Festival with Tate Modern), Brighton, Crewe, Cardiff, Suffolk, Lincoln, Harrowgate, Edinburgh and Stratford (UK), Guarda (Portugal), Andria, Trani, Bologna, Ravenna and Modena (Italy) Brisbane and Melbourne (Australia), Victoria (CA)]

An Anatomie with Clod Ensemble [2011-current London Sadler's Wells and Cardif Wales Millennium Centre (UK)]
The Great Spavaldos with il pixelrosso [2011-current London, Harrowgate, Bristol, Darby, Lincoln, Cardif, Stratford (UK) Andria (Italy), soon to be presented in Belgium and Australia]
Naïve Dance Masterclass with Inconvenient Spoof [2011-current Brighton, London(at Merge Festival with Tate Modern and Camden People's Theatre, Duckie's Cabaret and Soho Theatre), Edinburgh (UK) and Bologna (Italy) soon to return to London]

Still Night with Berlin,Nevada [London and Bristol (UK) Brisbane (Australia) Yokohama and Kochi (Japan) Athens (Greece)]
The Eye for Fuel Theatre and welcome trust a permanent downloadable podcast
Carnival with Compagnia Rodisio a one woman kids show for age 4-7

Rebels and Rubble with il pixel rosso permanent installation at Batterse Arts Centre London (UK)
Carnival with Compagnia Rodisio a one woman kids show for age 4-7
ICUHearMe with il pixel rosso and Tommaso Perego an exploartion combining Autoteatro video animation and ambisonic sound for Goldsmith University

Massacro work in progress with Cristian Ceresoli and Silvia Gallerano and Stefano Cenci
Expectations with spoken words poet Talia Randal and aerialist Maddie McGowan commissioned by the Roundhouse for CircusFest2014